Bach Flower Essence Cards

Bach Flower Essence Cards are a resource for the Practitioner, student or those interested in learning about Flower Essence Therapy, based on Dr. Edward Bach’s healing system.  Each Card deck contains 39 Cards with Full Colour Images, Affirmations & Positive Aspects of each Bach Flower. Plus Bach Remedy Chart & 'How to Use' card.

Use the Bach Flower Essence Cards to:

 – Learn the Positive Aspects of each Flower

– Conduct Flower Affinity Readings

– Choose a Daily Affirmation for Self-Healing

 – Learn to identify the Flower images

 – Assist Remedy selection

41 Cards in total.   Card dimensions:  L: 13cm x W: 9cm.  

Written, Designed & Published by Natasha Zamburro, 2016 ©.